Making A Difference With Your Words and Actions
Posted on: November 5, 2012, by : Brandon Gilliland

The other day, I posted a tweet that said, “Words without actions are meaningless”. True influencers are able to back up their words with actions.


If you think about it, would you rather listen to someone who just tells you what to do but is unable to execute it personally? Or would you rather listen and follow someone who actually lives out what they say?


I would choose the second option.


I have received numerous emails from teens across the country in the past week that have really inspired me to write this post. Many have started connecting with me through twitter, but a few have actually kept me updated on things through email. It is awesome to connect with people my age around the nation that I have never met before.


When I was reading and responding to the different emails and twitter comments, I noticed that they all had to do with the same thing: making a difference. For guys and girls who strive to live a strong Christian life, it is discouraging to see what goes on in the world. Many of the emails I received explained how hard it is to make a difference in a corrupt world.

I agree.


It is hard to make a difference. You often feel alone…like you are the only one who cares.

Making A Difference


The reality is that if you want to make an impact on others, you have to be authentic in your words and actions. In other words, what you say must line up with your life.

Even though you feel alone, you are not. God is with you the whole way, and He is pleased with your desire to make an impact on others by setting the example.

  • Stay consistent
  • Set the example
  • Stand for your convictions
  • Pray for others


When others know what you stand for, they will have more respect for you. This can open doors for you to make a difference.

It is hard trying to Amplify God’s Kingdom, but God will love the fact that you are faithful to Him and the missions He calls you to.

Do you find it hard to make a difference?


  • i love this  statement “The reality is that if you want to make an impact on others, you have to be authentic in your words and actions.”.

    I agree that it’s not easy to make a difference (if it was, everyone would be a difference maker and our world be not be the way it is today). I have discovered that the greatest starting point, and in a way what makes it easier, is starting with ‘me’ first. if i can work and straighten ‘me’ out – with the help of God ofcourse – it becomes easier to help others and make a difference.

    • I agree! It all starts with yourself. Allowing God to work in you is key. Once God has control over your life, He can begin to use you in a great way. I believe that this is when we can make an impact for His kingdom.
      It’s all about Amplifying God’s Kingdom!

  • Integrity is doing what is right even when no one is watching…because God is always watching.

    Nice reminder for us all to practice what we preach!

    • Well said! Do you find it hard to make a difference even though you are living out what you say?

  • That’s a difficult question to answer Brandon. There’s been many times where my actions have made a huge difference in a student’s life though I was never able to see it. It’s slow change that happens. 

    So, my answer would have to be yes and no. It’s easy in all that it takes is showing interested and challenging others. It’s difficult in the fact that I may never see the change or the change taking place but not recognizing it.

    • I love your comment! You mentioned some important things that we all need to recognize. In fact, this might need to be a follow-up post…
      Thanks for the input!

      • You’re welcome Brandon. Too often we forget that the change takes time instead of the microwaving we’re so used to. Real change may never be seen by the person who planted the seed. 

        Looking forward to the follow-up post when you create it!

        • Just drafted it to publish Thursday! I quoted you in it. Thanks for your input. It really helped shape the follow-up post.

  • I think making a difference comes easily when a person focuses on their purpose, passions, and strengths. I think if we run our own race making a difference starts happening. Great post and thoughts. 

    •  I totally agree! Thanks for your comment…it is going to be featured in the follow-up post on Thursday!

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