Why I Don’t Go To Church Anymore
Posted on: March 11, 2014, by : Brandon Gilliland

I’m sure many of you checked out this post because you’re wondering why I am not going to church anymore.


Before there is any confusion, let me explain. I still go to church every week, but I don’t simply attend church. For many individuals, church is an activity or unfortunately a duty that has to be done.


But church isn’t about that.


Real church is about people coming together to not only worship God, but it is also to connect with other Christians. Unfortunately, it stays this way.


Real church happens when we take it outside the four walls. Lives are changed when God’s love is demonstrated in the cities. People are changed by seeing the way you act and treat others.


It’s time that being intentional is a main priority. People are not going to come to experience a life change from the only one who can provide it if these things are not shown and demonstrated outside the church.


It’s easy to talk about outreach, but the battle begins out in our communities. People are not going to come into church without it being demonstrated first.


For this reason, I don’t go to “church” anymore. I go to church with completely different mindset.


It’s time to live like God and pour out love. #AmplifyingGodsKingdom



  • Rachel

    When I saw the title of this post I got nervous and thought it would be about how you don’t need spiritual authority or a church to lead you in your walk with God. I’m thankful I was wrong! It’s refreshing to hear someone else recognize that we’re called to BE the church, not just GO to church to get what we can from God.
    Thank you for sharing what God puts on your heart!

    • That’s the reason I titled it that way. I knew it would get a reaction.
      Thanks for stopping by to read and to comment!

  • AMEN!
    Well said…and catchy title. Great job and good message. It’s what all Christians need to do- stop wasting our time and God’s by playing church.

    • Thanks for stopping by to read and to comment!

      • You’re welcome.
        God bless.

        btw, I’ve tried emailing you but your inbox is full 🙂

        • I have a new email. Use the contact form on my site, and it goes to my email.