What’s Up With Today’s Popular Songs?

Music is one thing that drives culture today. After all, music is powerful. From serving as entertainment at concerts, local coffee shops, and bars to even being used as a therapy tool, music is powerful.

I believe that music is powerful enough to literally change one’s way of thinking and actions. What you allow to enter your ears will be processed by your brain (whether you realize it or not) and cause an emotional response.


Considering this, I think about the lyrics to popular songs. We all know the songs because they are overused on social media, played in grocery and department stores, and also played around town in random places.


This summer, I have been working for The First Tee, a golf and life lessons program for kids. I was wasn’t surprised to find that many of these kids (as young as five years old) know these songs. Although they do not know all of the terms and innuendoes in the songs, it is still being processed.

The reality is that these songs are wanting to communicate the lies of this world: sex, drugs, booty calls, objectification of women, demoralization, and gender role confusion. No wonder our world is so messed up.


I watched a video from Jefferson Bethke about his comical take on today’s music. Although he was mostly trying to be funny, he was serious in the fact that most of the popular songs today are not only inappropriate, but they also do not make any sense.



What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear them!