The Ascension by Phil Wickham

Hello everyone!


I hope all is going well. I haven’t posted in awhile, so I would like to share something with you today. Don’t worry, I am planning to publish some awesome posts soon! I recently purchased Phil Wickham’s new record titled “The Ascension”. It is simply amazing! I wanted to share the title song with you all today because it has such a great meaning.



This is the start of something amazing
A moment when heaven touches earth
Here in our hearts Lord we are waiting
For something that’s far beyond what we have seen or heard

Let us start the ascension
Let’s begin the climb
Up this holy mountain
Where Your glory shines
Further up, further in
Just to be with You again
Let us start the ascension

We’re fixing our eyes on glory and fire
Your name is branded on our hearts
You are the source of all we desire
Nothing can hold us back, we’re running to where You are