The Missing Ingredient

When you make a special dish or meal, it is important to follow the recipe closely. Unless you are a fantastic cook, straying away from the recipe might result in a disastrous meal. Fortunately, many individuals are able to cook great dishes from following recipes.




The same applies to life.


We are given God’s word to help direct us. I went with some of my friends from college yesterday to the EspaƱol service my church has every Sunday. It was nice. Although I am nowhere close to speaking fluently, I was able to understand the message clearly and enjoy the worship. The pastor talked about The Samaritan woman.


This story is one I have heard many times, but today I was reminded of a missing ingredient many seem to forget: love.


I would encourage you to read John 4:1-26 first and then come back to read the rest…


Let’s start with some background first. The story of the Samaritan woman’s encounter with Jesus is unique. Samaritans and Jews did not get along with each other. In fact, Jews would purposely journey around Samaria to purposely not come into contact with the Samaritans. Wow! Already, Jesus has broken a social norm. Secondly, The Samaritan woman was at the well in the sixth hour, so it was a time of the day when most women were not usually there. This verse (v6) was using Roman time, so the time was approximately 6:00pm. Thirdly, men did not usually speak to random women. Lastly, this woman would be considered by today’s standards as a prostitute.


Jesus, who was a Jew, a man not socially required to talk to random women, and who cared enough to stop to talk to a prostitute broke many social norms.


Why? Because He is love.


Often in day to day life, our missing ingredient is love. It’s hard to take the time to stop to talk with a random person who might have nothing in common with you, but it’s important to realize that everyone is searching for true fulfillment.


True fulfillment is not found in what this world can provide. It is found in what God can provide.


It’s important, just like Jesus, to break social norms to reach out to others…even when it is not comfortable or ideal. The Samaritan woman wanted a temporary thirst quencher, but Jesus wanted to provide her with the well that will never run dry.


Live like God. Pour out love.