The Fading Connection To Reality

I have not published a blog post in awhile, so I wanted to share something with you all today.


Recently, I have been thinking a lot about connection. What I have seen is that many are losing touch with reality. Every day new social networks are being developed, and more people are “selling” their lives away to them all in efforts to become “famous”.


I heard a message this past weekend in church that discussed a few of these things, and I could not have agreed more. When used incorrectly, social networking is used to bring self-gratification and to serve as an ego boost to those who are willing to sell themselves to it.


However, there are many good uses for social networking, and I am in no way suggesting to stop using it. I am wanting to cause one to become aware of his or her own methods behind using it.


I am noticing that individuals, especially younger teens, are placing their identities in how many followers, likes, mentions, and revines they receive on a daily basis instead of finding their true identities in Christ.


Real connection does not happen behind a screen. Emoticons and emojis can only emulate a small fraction of what connection is like.


So do I believe many are allowing their connection to reality to fade? YES!


Recently, I published an ebook called “Amplify!” on connecting with others. I wish I would have included a chapter on social networking, but I guess that might have to be another project.


The point of this message today is to realize that there is a real life to live. It does not exist behind a screen. There are people who need to see God’s love in action, and the only way that can become possible is through real connection. Everyone has a story and everyone breathing has a purpose.


Challenge: Be intentional. Place more emphasis on people and real connection rather than the insignificant things that are happening online. There’s a real life to live, and God has a purpose for each one of you that will provide true fulfillment.