Quantity vs Quality
Posted on: October 31, 2012, by : Brandon Gilliland

Recently, I have been thinking about how routines control our lives. Some routines are great to have in place, but others can be harmful. Something that I have been contemplating is how our spiritual lives involve routines. The discipline of reading the Bible every day is a great routine. However, if you read your Bible just to mark a check next to your schedule’s “to-do-list”, then that is not healthy.


Unfortunately, I believe that this is what occurs in our lives. Instead of reading your Bible for one hour mindlessly, try reading a passage of Scripture for a shorter amount of time and spending time in prayer longer. God desires for us to have a relationship with Him. It is easy to spend more time reading and studying about God rather than spending time with Him.


There is a difference between quality time and quantity time.


If you think about this in terms of productivity, you will know that just because you spend five hours in work, does not mean that you accomplished anything. I have massive amounts of work to complete for my schooling. There is a difference when I spend a few hours just completing problems or copying down information onto notecards with a few distractions versus studying intuitively for a few solid hours.

“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded.”

-James 4:8


The same thing applies to the Christian life. God wants quality time…not quantity. I have been trying to put this into practice over the past few days. I have tried to mix things up in my devotional times to get out of a boring routine of just simply reading the Bible. For example, you can spend five minutes reading the Bible one day and twenty minutes in prayer. The next day, maybe switch it up.


Ultimately, it is all up to you and God as to which methods you want to use. Breaking the normal routines have really helped develop my relationship with God even more than I thought it would have. God is not boring at all…I’m sure that He does not want the relationship to be a routine.

Do you think that breaking the normal routines will help your relationship with God? Do you believe that there is a difference between quantity and quality time?

  • I believe there’s a difference. That’s why i struggle with the idea if reading the bible through in say one year. I simply don’t like rushing through the Word. I try to be creative in how i spend time with God, being careful to keep prayer central. it’s so easy to do everything else but talk and commune with God 🙂

    • I totally agree with you. I have read the Bible through before. It is great, but it is also fast paced. You learn a lot more when you can take time and let God show you things.

  • God’s been talking to me about change lately. I confess, I don’t like change much. But God does.
    God uses a variety of ways to communicate with us.
    In the OT He used a variety of ways to bring judgement on nations. In the NT, Jesus used various ways to heal the sick.
    God likes diversity…which means I should too. 

    • I like what you said about change. It is sometimes hard to accept change, but if it is from God, we should be more open to it. Great thoughts!

  • I totally think breaking your normal routine can help a person develop their relationship with God. Great post and thoughts, I really like the James passage. 

  • I think that the quality time comes from appreciating what we’re really doing when we study the scriptures and when we pray. When we think about how amazing that is, it shouldn’t be boring and it shouldn’t be something we can shove to the background. Of course, we rarely realize this like we should.
    I think variety like you mention is one way to shake things up and fight the boredom factor. But I also see it as just a facet of having a real relationship. My wife and I aren’t always going to do the exact same thing in the exact same order when we’re together – and I see the devotional time as a similar thing.