Plugins for Your WordPress Blog

One of the things that I have learned about from switching to a self-hosted wordpress platform is plugins. These can be viewed as applications for your website. When I first set up my website, I was completely lost on what plugins are necessary to download. If you have too many, it can slow down your site considerably. On the other free blogging platforms such as blogger and, plugins are not available. However, plugins are necessary for any self-hosted blog or website.

I have received a few questions and emails from several people in the last few months about plugins, so I thought that I would list some of the ones I am using:

Askimet- This plugin is responsible for blocking unwanted spam from your website’s comments. A must have! It is totally free!

All in One SEO Pack- This plugin helps bring a whole new SEO experience to your blog. I highly recommend having it!

Disqus- The commenting system that I have on my site. I talk more about it here!

Drop Caps- This plugin creates the big letter at the beginning of every post. It just adds a cool design to start every post.

Google XML Sitemaps- If you want your site to be indexed by google and other search engines, this is the plugin for you!

Instapress- This takes my Instagram pictures and displays them on my sidebar. With this plugin, you can add your instagram pictures to any post or page.

Jetpack- I can not say enough about this plugin. It is powered by, and it is amazing! I use it for stats, forms, and email subscriptions! You can do so much with this plugin. I highly recommend it!

nRelate- With this plugin, you can display the “You Might Also Like This” at the end of every post. It helps your readers find relevant content on your site easily.

Post Teaser- It is annoying to scroll through a lot of text on a blog. With this plugin, you can display only a summary of the post on the homepage. There are so many options with this plugin!

Sharexy- This is the plugin I use for my share buttons. There are other plugins for this, but I personally like the look and ease of the sharing experience that this one provides.

Tentblogger 404 Repair- This incredible plugin helps repair/fix broken links and content that might be on your site. This is necessary!

Tentblogger Top Commenters- This plugin has brought life to the comments on my blog. It displays the top commenters. With this plugin, there has been some real competition on the site each month! 🙂

W3 Total Cache- You want your website to have speed. This plugin helps speed up your website to make it more pleasant for the readers. It does so much more than I even know!

WP Greet Box- Displays the greeting at the beginning of every post. This is a great option for your blog!

These are the main plugins that I use on my blog. There are so many options. For twitter, I use Hootsuite.

What plugins do you use on your blog?