New Series Starting: Lessons I Learned From My First Few Months Away At College

Wow! I did not realize until now how long it has been since I have posted something on this website. Recently, I have been busy with finishing up the semester in school. I finally finished yesterday, and I’m back home to enjoy Christmas break with my family. It’s nice to be back since everything has been so fast paced recently.


A lot of things have happened in the past few months. I moved to south Florida a few months ago to finish up my last few years of college. It has been an experience. I’m thankful for the opportunities God has opened for me down there. I have quickly learned that it is a different world, and having a constant relationship with God is important for one’s survival.


I learned a few key lessons while away at college that I think are applicable in many different aspects on one’s life. For this reason, I want to start a short series on these things. I’ll share personal stories and many of the experiences I had while away that have shaped me.


Starting tomorrow, I will launch the first post of the series!


Stay tuned!