How Golf Realtes to the Christian Life
Posted on: May 17, 2012, by : Brandon Gilliland

I have always been a golf enthusiast. Every chance I get to play, I am out on the course. There are a few things about golf that are essential to play a great game: endurance, management, and mentality. There is no doubt that each of these qualities (or practices) are necessary for playing a strong game. The same applies to our Christian life. In order to stand strong as a Christian, the qualities of endurance, management, and mentality must be present. These qualities must be developed.


In golf, physical endurance is key. If you are not physically in shape, playing golf will be pure torture. Of course, you can always get a cart and ride, but that is not true golf! You have to walk to get the full experience!

The Christian life brings many challenges. You have to be physically in shape to beĀ  a strong ambassador for Christ. When time in the Word is forsaken, our physical endurance can quickly become diminished.


Management on the golf course is important. If you have ever played or have been around golf, you will realize that there is a certain etiquette that is expected. This whole etiquette consists of many rules such as repairing divots, not stepping in someones line of putt, remaining quiet while someone is hitting, etc. Aside from theseĀ  “technical” rules of etiquette, there are also expectations for how you should present on the golf course.

The management on the golf course applies to the Christian life. God has given us the Bible as a guide. These are the “rules of etiquette” for the Christian life. As a Christian, everyone is watching you…especially your friends who are still searching to find God. In one moment, we can all blow our testimony. For this reason, it is important to have endurance and manage our lives in a way that Christ desires.


Your mental game is probably one of the most important things in golf. If you have a poor mental game, it will show!

Likewise, your mental game must be strong as a Christian. I’m sure everyone can agree on the fact that your mind is one of the hardest things to control. The stronger your mental game, the closer you will grow to Christ.

The qualities of endurance, management, and mentality must be developed. They are not given. As a Christian, we must continually strive to perfect these areas in our lives. The stronger you are in these areas, the better ambassador for Christ you will become.

Do you play golf? Are these qualities that need attention in your life?



  • I don’t play golf. Never had the desire to… But I can see the appeal in it as I play disc golf.

    The three points you made from golf are definitely areas that we all need to pay attention to. When we’re lacking in any of them, our performance suffers.

    • Awesome! I have never played disk golf, but I have wanted to. Don’t you have to have different types of disks depending on the distance? I guess it is really similar to golf…?

      I agree. When we lack these qualities, our performance suffers.

      Great thoughts!

      • Yeah, there are different styles of discs. Putters, drivers, etc. Some even curve or drop in a certain direction. It can be pretty intense.

    • That’s awesome! I have seen the different disks in Dick’s sporting goods before.

      We have a few areas for disk golf down where I live, but I have never given it a try. Down where I live, golf is really the main sport. There are probably a good 7-8 courses to play just within 25 miles of my house!

      • Oh wow, that’s pretty crazy! I know we have quite a few golf courses around us as well.

        We’re also blessed with quite a few disc golf courses. There’s one about 5 blocks from my house. It’s been very nice to have nearby!

  • AislinnthelionRawr

    I promise you I learn something new about golf every day!