Focus On The Calling

Imagine being in a maze full of obstacles and many dead-end avenues without any sort of guide. It can be frustrating when you journey for awhile down paths that will eventually lead you to no destination. Life without purpose can be the same way.




If you do not understand whose you are, you cannot understand who you are. Our guide in this life is God.


I came across a verse the other week, and I found it to be practical in my own life. It comes from a familiar passage in the Bible, Psalm 119. However, I have never read into this particular verse until recently.


“Turn away my eyes from looking at worthless things, and revive me in your way.”

-Psalm 119:37

It is important if you want to be intentional and you want to live out God’s calling that you remain focused. Unfortunately, this world wants to serve you distractions, or worthless things as this verse shows, to allow you to venture down your journey with your eyes focused not on the Guide, but on your own desires and your own problems.

When God is not a priority, others will not be a priority. Eventually, everything becomes about the self. Negativity will be the only focus, serving others will not be an option because “tiredness” takes effect, the calling God has will not have any clear direction simply because He is not able to be the guide.

So today, get focused on God and not on the worthless things this world wants you to focus on. Your calling and your purpose is too important to be focused on things God does not want you to be focused on.

Amplifying God’s kingdom involves living out the calling God has, but the only way to do that is to be intentional and to be different from what this world and even sometimes “Christian culture” is doing.