Everyone Communicates Few Connect by John C. Maxwell
Posted on: June 24, 2011, by : Brandon Gilliland

Recently, I started a great book called “Everyone Communicates Few Connect” by John C. Maxwell. I have read the first few chapters of this book, and it is incredible! The tagline of the book is: what the most effective people do differently.

Already, I have learned so many concepts from this book. Really, communicating is everything. I’m sure we could all say that we have had a time where we meant something that didn’t come out quite right or a time when we tried to present an idea that was overturned simply because we didn’t communicate the idea effectively.

This book is so great…that I thought that it would be a good idea to highlight some things from it in a series of posts. I’m gonna take a little break from the “Defining Character” series because I need a little bit of extra time to develop it more. I could literally spend my whole life on this blog writing aon the character series…so I think it will be good to take a little break from it.

Have you ever read this book by John C. Maxwell?


  • I’ll have to check that one out. My dad always says that communication is an art. It’s one of those sayings that he repeats so much that it almost becomes a joke. But it’s proven true so many times when the wires get crossed in business or personal life. It’s an art.

    • Communication really is an art. That is why I am reading the book. I want to become better at communicating effectively!

  • Never read the book. I’m a fan of John Maxwell, though. He’s got good stuff. I’ll be excited to see what this books say and, more so, what you have to say about the book!

    • Yeah, he is a great author! Thanks…I’m looking forward to writing about the reflections and thoughts on the book!

  • I have not read this one. It is on my list of books that i need to read…

    • This is a must read! 🙂

  • I haven’t read that book but it sounds cool!

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