Encouragement for Today: Closer

Today I wanted to share a short post of encouragement. Recently, a song titled “Closer” from Hillsong came out. It is a great song that talks about the life we have in Jesus.


Many people use things to fill the void in this life. People often choose drugs because they mask the pain of reality, engage in sexual immorality because it brings temporary fulfillment and companionship, or hide behind a career or job title because it provides an identity. These are all real needs. We want to have a good life full of joy and fulfillment. The problem is that it can not be found in what this world offers up to us.


Jesus is the only one who will provide true joy and a real meaning for your life.


I want to encourage you to watch this video of the song “Closer”. It has such a great message of encouragement and the life we can have in Jesus.


 If you can’t see the video, click here!

How has Jesus given you a new meaning for life? Feel free to share in the comments!