Direct Line

If you have ever called customer service or a large company, you most likely have received a digital operator that will make you follow several commands. “Press 1 for service…press 2 for order info…press 3 if you’re just having fun listening to these commands!”


Direct Line


When I receive a digital operator, I often get annoyed, especially if the conversation goes nowhere. I don’t like to waste time with things that are not going to help me get me where I am needing to go. I’m sure you think the same way.


Prayer does not work like a digital operator.


We don’t have to go through a list of commands or even secretaries before we reach God. He is never busy, and He is always available. I believe that many forget that we have a direct line to God. He wants to hear from us, and we can call anytime…without any wait lists or voicemails to catch!


Today, take some to talk with God. It’s hard to live a life pleasing to God if there’s no communication. Just like any relationship!