Medical Mission to the Dominican Republic Team Video

It has now been a week since I returned from the trip to the Dominican Republic. Settling back into normal life was difficult at first, but I soon realized that my new normal was different. The experience and life perspectives I gained from the trip are things I will take with me throughout the rest of my life. This will certainly not be my last trip.


I know that I could not have served without the support of so many people. You all know who you are! 🙂


In return, I wanted to create a video for all of you showcasing some of the highlights from the trip.



I’m Back In The United States!

Hey everyone!


I just wanted to provide a quick update that I’m now back in the United States from the medical mission trip with GHO to the Dominican Republic. I’ve posted a few pictures from the trip on my Instagram, so please check those out if you haven’t yet.


I will be posting more details about what happened during the trip soon. I am waiting until I have all pictures organized from the rest of the team, and I would also like to make a video. I’ll continue to keep everyone posted about it.


Thanks again for the prayers, and I can honestly say that it was one of the best experiences of my life.


-Brandon Gilliland

Dominican Republic Medical Mission Trip

Hey everyone! It has been quite some time since I have updated here on the blog portion of the website. I have been busy finishing up school, and I am blessed to say that I have graduated from Florida Atlantic University. You can visit my projects page to see what all I’ve been up to recently!


For the past few months, I have been praying about attending a mission trip during my time off before medical school. Recently, an opportunity opened up to attend a medical mission trip with the Global Health Outreach to the Dominican Republic in March. I have been approved for the trip, and I am excited to begin the process of fundraising.


On the trip page, the following mission can be seen: “Our Global Health Outreach team will partner with the Oasis church to reach into needy communities, providing them with physical, emotional and spiritual care. We will be providing primary care medicine and dentistry, plus a reading glass clinic.- GHO”

Focus On The Calling

Imagine being in a maze full of obstacles and many dead-end avenues without any sort of guide. It can be frustrating when you journey for awhile down paths that will eventually lead you to no destination. Life without purpose can be the same way.




If you do not understand whose you are, you cannot understand who you are. Our guide in this life is God.


I came across a verse the other week, and I found it to be practical in my own life. It comes from a familiar passage in the Bible, Psalm 119. However, I have never read into this particular verse until recently.


“Turn away my eyes from looking at worthless things, and revive me in your way.”

-Psalm 119:37

It is important if you want to be intentional and you want to live out God’s calling that you remain focused. Unfortunately, this world wants to serve you distractions, or worthless things as this verse shows, to allow you to venture down your journey with your eyes focused not on the Guide, but on your own desires and your own problems.

God Doesn’t Need You

This morning, I was listening to a well-known song from Phil Wickham called “Glory”. I have listened to this song many times, but today I realized a few things in the song.



It got me to think about the glory of God, and how all of creation points directly to the creator. It is awesome how the God who created the universe wants to connect with us. He is not too busy, and you will never receive a voicemail when you call on Him.


God has a specific plan for your life, and He wants to use you to make His name known. In other words, God wants to use you to amplify His kingdom.


As you go through the day, realize that God does not need you. He does not need to use you to do amazing things; however, He does because of His love for humanity.


The Waiting Room

Life is a journey. The past few months for me have been a learning process. Maybe it is because real life is has hit me. Being out on your own a few hours away from home really allows one to rely on God. Throughout the past few months, my journey has been anything but easy.



Every day presents an opportunity for you to be refined by God or to be broken. It is a decision that each one of us have to make daily: will I follow God’s journey? Or will I decide to forge my own path for what I know is “best”?


Often times, the journey that God has you on will leave you confused, frustrated, and tired. I like to view these times as the waiting room period. If you are at a point in your life right now where you are not receiving any answers or clarity on anything, you are simply in God’s waiting room. It is important to recognize that these are the times God uses to prepare you for something amazing.

Don’t Miss Out On The Ultimate Story

I have always viewed life as a story. However, I have never viewed it more seriously than I have recently. I am not just viewing my story more seriously, but I am also viewing others’ stories more seriously. Everyone has a story. I believe that in the craziness of life, most individuals never take time to connect with another individual’s story.

In a given day, one can walk in the downtown streets filled with people, and never actually have a conversation with anyone. Why? Because everyone is wrapped up in his or her own life.

Phone in hand. Head looking toward the ground. Not daring to make eye contact with anyone.

This is the life of most people every day.

I believe God has called us to more. I believe we have been called to connect with others on a more personal level than “How are you?”.

You may never know what someone is going through, and just taking a few moments to talk with someone could be significant.

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