Hiking Angels Landing

Most things in life that are truly worth it do not come easily. As I sit here and write this post, I am was given this reminder as I thought about all the events that have taken place in the past few months. I finished my first semester of medical school well, and it certainly required a lot of work. For anything in life that is truly worth the time, it takes time and dedication. My journey to not only become a successful physician but also a successful man of God is one that requires these same qualities.



It is easy to appreciate the highlights from social media posts about one’s life; however, few actually want to devote time and dedication towards reaching those goals. Hiking Angels Landing with my brother at Zion National Park this past summer was an incredible experience. The particular day that we hiked was 110 degrees, so it made the hike that much more difficult. I had seen the views from atop Angels Landing online, and really wanted to be able to experience them for myself. The first half mile of the hike was not incredibly difficult; however, when I reached the switchbacks, things began to get challenging, especially with the heat.