Don’t Miss Out On The Ultimate Story

I have always viewed life as a story. However, I have never viewed it more seriously than I have recently. I am not just viewing my story more seriously, but I am also viewing others’ stories more seriously. Everyone has a story. I believe that in the craziness of life, most individuals never take time to connect with another individual’s story.

In a given day, one can walk in the downtown streets filled with people, and never actually have a conversation with anyone. Why? Because everyone is wrapped up in his or her own life.

Phone in hand. Head looking toward the ground. Not daring to make eye contact with anyone.

This is the life of most people every day.

I believe God has called us to more. I believe we have been called to connect with others on a more personal level than “How are you?”.

You may never know what someone is going through, and just taking a few moments to talk with someone could be significant.

Getting Out Of The Daily Routine

Staying caught in the daily routine of life can often distract from God’s calling on your life. Everywhere I turn, I am in contact with individuals who seem to have no clear purpose.


Is this life really only about making advancements in one’s career? Or perhaps marrying that “perfect” someone? Or even living a decent life helping others?


My basic daily “routine” involves waking up early, starting classes in the morning, rushing to lab to conduct research until dinner time, and then study until I go to sleep. Until recently, I repeated this routine each day only to become more discouraged and frustrated the next day.


In college, you can have:


1. Social life

2. Sleep

3. Grades


But you can only choose two of the options. If you are a college student, I’m sure you have heard this many times. To a certain extent, it is true. But I believe God calls us to much more.


The Fading Connection To Reality

I have not published a blog post in awhile, so I wanted to share something with you all today.


Recently, I have been thinking a lot about connection. What I have seen is that many are losing touch with reality. Every day new social networks are being developed, and more people are “selling” their lives away to them all in efforts to become “famous”.


I heard a message this past weekend in church that discussed a few of these things, and I could not have agreed more. When used incorrectly, social networking is used to bring self-gratification and to serve as an ego boost to those who are willing to sell themselves to it.


However, there are many good uses for social networking, and I am in no way suggesting to stop using it. I am wanting to cause one to become aware of his or her own methods behind using it.



I recently finished reading a book titled “Greater” by Steven Furtick. The book was good, and a few things in it allowed me to think about some things.


The basis of the book was to understand that God has something greater for your life. I’m sure you have heard it all. In fact, I get tired of reading a lot of the new Christian book releases because they all reiterate the same cliches most of us have heard our entire lives. I am practical, and I like to put things into action instead of just talking about it.



The reality is that God has something greater planned for each of you. His plan is perfect, and it is mapped out differently for each individual.


What do you think God has called you to do recently?

Download My New Ebook!

Hey everyone!


It has been awhile since I last updated on this site, but that was all for a good reason. As most of you know, I have been working on an ebook to publish here on the site for a few months now, and I feel that it is finally ready.



So today it is now available! Click below to download! 



The purpose of the ebook goes along with the mission statement of this website: “Amplifying God’s Kingdom!” If you want to impact this world in a positive way, I would encourage you to read this book. I attempted to be very personable and to write in a casual way to get these points across. I just wanted to be real and to share my heart through this short ebook.


I hope you enjoy it! Again, you can click here to download it!





The Missing Ingredient

When you make a special dish or meal, it is important to follow the recipe closely. Unless you are a fantastic cook, straying away from the recipe might result in a disastrous meal. Fortunately, many individuals are able to cook great dishes from following recipes.




The same applies to life.


We are given God’s word to help direct us. I went with some of my friends from college yesterday to the Español service my church has every Sunday. It was nice. Although I am nowhere close to speaking fluently, I was able to understand the message clearly and enjoy the worship. The pastor talked about The Samaritan woman.


This story is one I have heard many times, but today I was reminded of a missing ingredient many seem to forget: love.


I would encourage you to read John 4:1-26 first and then come back to read the rest…


Why I Don’t Go To Church Anymore

I’m sure many of you checked out this post because you’re wondering why I am not going to church anymore.


Before there is any confusion, let me explain. I still go to church every week, but I don’t simply attend church. For many individuals, church is an activity or unfortunately a duty that has to be done.


But church isn’t about that.


Real church is about people coming together to not only worship God, but it is also to connect with other Christians. Unfortunately, it stays this way.


Real church happens when we take it outside the four walls. Lives are changed when God’s love is demonstrated in the cities. People are changed by seeing the way you act and treat others.


It’s time that being intentional is a main priority. People are not going to come to experience a life change from the only one who can provide it if these things are not shown and demonstrated outside the church.

Being Intentional To Connect

Something that I have been thinking a lot about lately is being intentional. Everyone has a story and each person you come into contact with each day has specific needs. In order to make an impact on someone’s life, you have to be intentional.




It is often hard for us in the busyness of life to stop to connect with others. Our world has become disengaged from each other. While we have the opportunities to become close and connected, it seems as if we are growing farther away.


I believe it is time to reverse that trend.


Take some time today to connect with someone. You cannot impact this world and start to amplify God’s kingdom if you first do not have the desire to connect with others. I wrote a few posts a while back about connecting. You can find them below:


Living An Intentional Lifestyle

Connectors Must Connect On Common Ground With Others


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