Breaking Away From Everyday Life To Make An Impact

I just wanted to publish a word of encouragement today. Our world is filled with instant gratification. As technology expands, our attention spans decrease and our expectations expand. This is not necessarily a bad thing!




However, when it steals away our time with Christ, it can become a problem. It seems like the world, especially those in my generation, are living in the moment. Day by day…minute by minute…with no regard for preparation for the future. Sure, the future is often on people’s minds, but are they really living to prepare for what God has planned for them?


It is easy to get wrapped up in the every day life. 


If you think about it, is it really necessary to know all of the current sport stats? Or all of the insider news on Hollywood celebrities? Does knowing every lyric to the world’s most popular pop/country/rock band really make an impact on others? Does obsessing over certain celebrities really help your relationship with Christ?


I say all this because I believe it is so relevant. These things mentioned are not necessarily bad, but if it steals away time from what is most important, it can become a problem. I don’t think any of us are unaffected. This world only wants to steal away our time from being able to grow closer to Christ and to make an impact on others. We have to be smart! It’s a daily battle to surrender our own desires.


Today, think about the time you have. How is it spent?


What things are holding you back from your relationship with God?