Hello Everyone!


I’m excited that you stopped by! My name is Brandon Gilliland. I am a passionate follower of Jesus, electric guitar enthusiast, golfer, and a student pursuing medical school to become a physician. I am currently a  student at Florida Atlantic University’s Honors College studying biological sciences and neuroscience.


Along with academic rigors of being a student, I also work as a neuroscience intern at The Scripps Research Institute in South Florida. My research project consists of performing an in vivo surgical exposure to the brain of living flies (Drosophila melanogaster) in order to image the brain with a confocal microscope during olfactory classical conditioning. The primary focus of the research is to study the cognitive effects of neurofibromatosis type one (NF1) and how the NF1 mutation causes impairments in memory related plasticity in the brain. This autosomal dominant genetic disorder is found in approximately 1 in 3,500 individuals.  If you would like to learn more about this, please visit here!

Brandon Gilliland


In addition to my academic pursuits, I write on Christian leadership, worship, and life topics. My whole purpose of writing on this website is to amplify God’s kingdom and to help others find the real purpose for living.


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 The Meaning of  “Amplifying God’s Kingdom!”


My mission statement is at the top of my blog: “Amplifying God’s Kingdom!”. I came up with this mission statement/tagline because I felt that it perfectly suited the purpose in life: to show others God’s love through His calling on my life. When that happens, God’s kingdom is amplified!

I chose the word “amplify” because it not only represents the instrument needed to produce a sound, but it is also what happens when we show God’s love to this lost world. We all have a purpose for living, and it is important to find how God wants to use you to make His name known to others.


Let’s amplify God’s kingdom together!