3 Life Lessons From Angry Birds

This was something I saw over at Jonathan Pearson’s blog. Thought this was really creative and cool! Check it out!

  • If you really believe in something, you’ll give your life to see it accomplished.

For those of you that have never played Angry Birds (where ya been?), the goal of the game is to shoot birds out of a sling shot and kill pigs that have buried themselves under random structures. The premise behind the game is that the pigs took the birds’ eggs. This kinda ticked the birds off and so they’re out to rectify it. They believe in their mission. They know what they want to see happen, they have an intense desire to see it happen, and they’re willing to do anything to make it happen. If you’re not living your life on the foundation of something you’d be willing to give everything for, you’re living a rather meaningless life.

  • Use what you have, the best you can.

I still have no idea why the birds don’t just fly over and take back what’s theirs, but apparently they can’t. So the birds use what they have (a slingshot and themselves) to accomplish their mission. They don’t just give up because they don’t have exactly the right tools, they use what they have. It’s that important to them. Never make excuses about what you’re missing, use what’s present.

  • Know your enemy.

Imagine if the birds, instead of attacking the pigs, begun to fight amongst themselves. It’d be pointless and they’d never get their little eggs back. Instead, they know that their enemy is the pigs and they give it all they got (why don’t they just fly?!) to attack the pigs. Christians need to learn this. We often fight hard against someone who believes a little different and lose sight of the real Enemy… The Enemy is real. Instead of forming a team to kick hell in, we fight against the church down the street because they do church a little differently or have a different denominational title under their name. It’s time we open our eyes to the fact that we have bigger and more urgent battles to fight.

Ok, those are my 3. What else can we learn from these little, stinkin, and addictive birds? You can leave a comment here or over at Jonathan’s site!