3 Life Lessons From Angry Birds
Posted on: March 30, 2011, by : Brandon Gilliland

This was something I saw over at Jonathan Pearson’s blog. Thought this was really creative and cool! Check it out!

  • If you really believe in something, you’ll give your life to see it accomplished.

For those of you that have never played Angry Birds (where ya been?), the goal of the game is to shoot birds out of a sling shot and kill pigs that have buried themselves under random structures. The premise behind the game is that the pigs took the birds’ eggs. This kinda ticked the birds off and so they’re out to rectify it. They believe in their mission. They know what they want to see happen, they have an intense desire to see it happen, and they’re willing to do anything to make it happen. If you’re not living your life on the foundation of something you’d be willing to give everything for, you’re living a rather meaningless life.

  • Use what you have, the best you can.

I still have no idea why the birds don’t just fly over and take back what’s theirs, but apparently they can’t. So the birds use what they have (a slingshot and themselves) to accomplish their mission. They don’t just give up because they don’t have exactly the right tools, they use what they have. It’s that important to them. Never make excuses about what you’re missing, use what’s present.

  • Know your enemy.

Imagine if the birds, instead of attacking the pigs, begun to fight amongst themselves. It’d be pointless and they’d never get their little eggs back. Instead, they know that their enemy is the pigs and they give it all they got (why don’t they just fly?!) to attack the pigs. Christians need to learn this. We often fight hard against someone who believes a little different and lose sight of the real Enemy… The Enemy is real. Instead of forming a team to kick hell in, we fight against the church down the street because they do church a little differently or have a different denominational title under their name. It’s time we open our eyes to the fact that we have bigger and more urgent battles to fight.

Ok, those are my 3. What else can we learn from these little, stinkin, and addictive birds? You can leave a comment here or over at Jonathan’s site!

  • I saw this on his site yesterday. I agree pretty cool.

    Congrats on the jump to WordPress. You will not be disappointed!


    • Thanks so much! I really like it. It is a lot different. Any suggestions?

      Also, how do I get the comments to automatically get accepted? I don’t want to have to keep approving…

      • Self Hosted it is under Settings > Discussion

        Let me know if this helps.

      • Hey Brandon, I really like the site! I think it will serve you well. Plus, now you have a community that can give you hints on how to do things 🙂

  • Great post, Brandon! Those angry little birds can definitely teach us some lessons. Your points are well taken…I especially think the last one is applicable. We do get distracted by petty differences in the Body when we should be focused on dealing with the real enemy.

    I agree with Adam…congrats on your migration to WordPress. It’s a great platform!

    BTW…you can change the moderation settings in the dashboard under “Settings” and “Discussion.”

    • Thanks! I just fixed it. By the way, is there any way to receive a notification through email about the comments from a different email? (I use two emails… one personal and one website email)

  • Like the look. Simple and clean. My only suggestion would be a custom domain (which you’ve probably already thought of) and maybe going self hosted at some point. You are an excellent writer though. Good stuff! (and no, I don’t mean just this post 🙂

    • Thanks so much for the encouragement! I have thought of a domain, but I am holding off a little while until I can figure the WordPress thing out. And yes, this post is really good! I’m glad you wrote it because any ipod/iphone/android fanatic can relate to this! 🙂

      By the way, I eventually want to get the Commentluv on here. Is it hard to set-up?

      • installing plugins in WordPress is so simple. Pretty much takes care of itself. be careful with having to many….slows site down!

  • Oh ok. I do not want this site to be slow by any means…that is why I am hesitant to install Disqus. That tends to run pretty slowly.

    • A slow site is not desired; but, don’t be afraid to try a few plug-ins. Read the list of plug-ins that Michael Hyatt talks about on his blog; and, take a look through the Ultimate Guide to Launching a Word-Press blog on tentblogger.com (there are some things geared toward a self-hosted site; but, a ton of good info for runninng a WP blog).

      • I will def check those out! What are the valuable ones you use?

        • I am currently using Akismet, DBC Backup, Drop Caps, nrelate Related Content, TentBlogger FeedBurner RSS Redirect, TentBlogger SEO Categories, Wordbooker, WordPress.com Stats, and WP Super Cache.

          I still have a few others that I want to implement, like Google Analytics. Not all of these will apply to a WordPress.com account; but, I am not sure which ones (other than Stats).

  • Love the new site, Brandon!!

    • Thanks so much! I took the plunge to move here thanks to everyone (including you)!

  • Thanks so much! I took the plunge to move over here thanks to everyone (including you)!

  • Kaylie

    Haha this is awesome!

    Btw- The new site looks great Brandon 🙂

  • That’s really great Brando I’ll check it out more and it’s a great website I like it alot

  • Thanks…in the next few days, I will have a lot more on here. So far, I love WordPress.

  • Madisen

    This is so cool!

  • Good job! Welcome to wordpress!

    • Finally…huh?! I’m glad I made the switch!

  • Steven- you have quite a few plugins… I have absolutely ZERO right now! haha. But it’s only the second day. I definitrly need to get the traffic stuff on here though…!

  • It’s good to have a hard head. And yay for wordpress.

  • Alex Humphrey

    This is an awesome post, Brandon. Great lessons from such a silly game!

    On the first point, something I take away, is how few of us really believe in something. The birds are giving everything to get back their eggs, but what have I given to get what I want? That’s a question that must be answered before I can say I believe in something.

  • AislinnthelionRawr

    ANGRY BIRDS!! haha i finally remembered to check it out! Well lets just say i love it!! 😀

  • Hehe xD That games fun, can’t remember where I found it and played it… but yeah, those are some nice life lessons 😛